The Free City of Greyhawk

The Free City of Greyhawk is a immens, chaotic and wondrous flying city located in the middle of Ahkos.

It all started with a way station located outside of Castle Greyhawk were airships could dock and resupply for their journey across Nyr Dyv. But over time the station started growing to make more room for more airships, shops opened up, people started to live there fulltime.
The City started expanding exponentially and now it is one of the largest and impressive cities in Ahkos.

Greyhawk is unik in that the city doesn’t have a ruler or rulers. Every building, shop och factory is owned by one of the thousends of companies that calls Greyhawk home. If a company is bigger that usualy means that they own a bigger part of Greyhawk but no one owns enough to be able to have any major influence over the city.

The way Greyhawk handles law and security is somewhat unorthodox. The all need to rely on mercenaries and/or security firms to keep their property safe. The way it usually works is that a company pays a monthly fee to a security firm to keep them safe and if necessary hunt their enemies down. However. If the amount of effort that is needed to fullfull the contract, outweighs the gold they are paid then they are not required to do anything.
John the baker pays the Silver Hawks (Security firm) 50 gold every month. The Silver Hawks places a guard at Johns shop and if the guard fails to stop a bread thief then the Silver Hawks need to either hunt the thief down and return the bread or pay a penalty fee to their client. But if it turns out that the thief is the widely popular jewelry craftsmen Leonard Diamond, who has a several contracts with several firms and the favour of other companies with security contracts of their own, the effort outweighs the gold the Silver Hawks are paid.
So in theory if someone has enough money, they can’t be touched and can do whatever they want.
A way for smaller businesses to circumvent this is to pool their gold and post a bounty. If the gold is good enough then many Bounty Hunters will take the risk.

The Free City of Greyhawk

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