House Rules

Character creation:

Stat rolls must be done with me present:
roll /roll 4d6d1 six times.
you can reroll the 2 lowest scores and then you get the choose between the 2 new or the 2 old ones.

Races: Any race is allowed from any book(Not dragon magazine’s, Unless it’s in an Index)

Classes:Any Class is allowed from any book(Not dragon magazine’s, Unless it’s in an Index)

Items: Any Item is allowed from any book(Not dragon magazine’s, Unless it’s in an Index)

Level: You will start at Level 1

Items: You will start with regular starting gold for your class, as well as a item that has
sentimental value. ex. your favorite sword you got from your father.

Flaws/Traits: I will allow 2 of each, so 2 Flaws and 2 traits

No Homebrew (no dandwiki) besides my own.

- I use a Homebrew Injury System:

- “Detect Alignment” detects intentions. Not “base” alignment.
i.e. A good Character can give of a “evil aura” if the one casting it interprets his/her actions as Evil. Good/Evil is subjective. Chaos/Law is not. This only applies to sentient beings.

- There exists a stronger version of Wish in the world. True Wish.

- All skill rolls that are directed towards part members (like sleight of hand) are purely RP. For example: The thief tries to steal the paladins keys. The thief rolls a 35 with his sleight of hand. There is no way the paladin can make that DC with his spot but he can decide to simply say “yeah he notices you trying to steal his keys”
This is to avoid infighting and meta gaming. And no one likes someone who steals everything from his team mates.

- No diplomacer. i.e. You can’t just roll a diplomacy/bluff check and automatically succeed because of a ridiculous high mod. You will have to talk your way through it. In combat you have 6 s during your turn to talk your way out of something if that is what you want to do. Good RP and good arguing will give you a + to your mod

- Lvl dipping (just putting 1 lvl into a class because of class features) is discouraged but not forbidden. IF you need to do it for a build then at least come up with some RP or Lore behind it. Feel free to include me

- Don’t powergame to hard if no one else does it. If the power different is to great between the party members I will balance it. If all players are powergaming. There is no problem.

- RP will earn you xp at the end of session. So you don’t have to kill stuff to earn xp.

House Rules

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